Train & Rumble Playset w/ Sheamus and Rey Mysterio

Train & Rumble Playset with Sheamus and Rey Mysterio

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Get ready for brawlin' action with the C3 WWE StackDown Train & Rumble Set! Superstars Rey Mysterio and Sheamus train to become the next WWE StackDown Champion. But wait…some brawling action might occur as lockers slam, water coolers are thrown and punching bags swing! Build the Train & Rumble Center, brawl it out and recreate the excitement of WWE! WWE StackDown figures have 12 points of articulation and innovative snap fit design so you can brawl and pose with the most dynamic action! Build, Brawl and Rebuild! Add more WWE StackDown figures to create the ultimate match. With WWE StackDown Universe you can build the entire world!

Product Features:

  • Includes two C3 Figures: Rey Mysterio and Sheamus
  • 208 Pieces
  • Two levels of awesome action play!
  • Weight rack, bench press and water cooler accessories!
  • Actual working lockers to slam your oppent inside!
  • Swinging Punching Bag, Brawlin' Dummy and Battle Discs to train your Superstars!

*Ages 6+
*11" x 8.75" x 2.5”



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