WWE StackDown Universe

WWE Stackdown

The WWE StackDown Universe is the battle ground where all the Superstars brawl to become the WWE StackDown Champion! In this world, YOU have the power to Build and Brawl! The StackDown Ring is where the Champion claims his title! With over 349 pieces, you can construct the ring following the directions or customize in your own way! Whichever way you choose to build…the WWE StackDown action is there!

As John Cena and The Miz battle it out in the ring, other WWE Superstars are waiting for their chance to jump into the action! High Flyin' Sin Cara is ready to launch into the match! Kofi Kingston is bringing his ladder set to the brawl! Damien Sandow will teach a lesson from his School of Hard Knocks! Santino Marella is waiting to jump into the ring and throw his opponent into the Cobra Cage! And the Undertaker is coming to the action on his cycle! You can build each set, customize it and add it the StackDown Ring for nonstop WWE action!

All the WWE StackDown Superstars prepare for action at the Train 'N Rumble center. Throwing water coolers, lifting weights and smacking training bags - this is where the Superstars put in the time to become the next StackDown Champion! Rey Mysterio and Sheamus have just gotten into a brawl over who is next in line to challenge for the Title!

In the WWE StackDown Universe you can BUILD, BRAWL and determine who will be the next StackDown Champion!!!


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